Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Research and Donations

Chelan Valley Research, Donations, and Memorials

The Chelan Valley Genealogical Society will do research within the Chelan and Manson areas on request. We have several members of C.V.G.S. on our research team. We charge $10. U.S. per hour plus the cost of photocopies, with a minimum charge of $10. U.S.
Send requests with a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:
Research, C.V.G.S., P.O. Box 2793, Chelan, WA 98816 or to move things along you can email your request to kinfyndr656@hotmail.com and then mail us a SASE.


The Chelan Valley Genealogical Society is grateful for donations of genealogical or historical books, family histories and publications related to the area. We are also appreciative of donations of office materials or money to help us maintain and expand the library through the purchase of books and periodicals, or for publishing collected Chelan Valley records. Donations can be made at meetings or by mail. Donations to the Society, a non-profit 501c3 organization, are fully tax deductible. Please make contribution checks payable to: C.V.G.S. Library Fund and mail to:
Library Fund, c/o C.V.G.S., P.O. Box 2793, Chelan, WA 98816

Chelan Grave Memorials

If your ancestor is buried in Chelan we can locate their gravesite in our Cemetery books and a C.V.G.S. volunteer will deliver a bouquet of flowers in your name. They will also take a photograph of the gravesite (with or without your floral tribute) for your family records. The fee for this service is $25. U.S. plus the cost of the bouquet for each grave requested. A SASE is required with your order so we can mail the photo. Use the address given above.

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