Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pioneer Profiles in the CVGS Library

William Barron - by Marcelle Carpenter
Forest Beckman - by Ed Beckman
Spencer Boyd - by Jeannine Shaffer (information from Pat Boyd Wood)
Frank Boyles - by Marcelle Carpenter
Oliver Brownfield by Bettie Kenck (information from Mike Brownfield)
C.C. Campbell - by Art Campbell Sr.
Ezra Carpenter - by Marcelle Carpenter
Alva Culver - by Jeff Polley
Jacob Easley - by Phyllis Folsom
Amos Edmunds - by Marcelle Carpenter
William Emerson - by Robert D. Emerson
Ellen Farley - by Bettie Kenck (information from Ted Farley
Merrit Field - by Irene Sargo
George Flick - by Bettie Kenck (information from Georgia Flick)
Emory Garton - by Jeannine Shaffer (information from Ron Garton)
John Green - by Phyllis Folsom
Moses Heller - by Phyllis Folsom
William Higgins - by Bettie Kenck (information from Ben Higgins)
William Hogenson - By Marcelle Carpenter
Simon Holden - by Larry & Evelyn Rader
Herbert Kingman - by Phyllis Folsom ( information from Doris Mae Wiker)
Amos Knowles - by Bettie Kenck
Alfred LaChapelle - by Marcelle Carpenter
David and Clara Little - by Marcelle Carpenter (information from the Long Family)
William J. Long - by Marcelle Carpenter (information from the Long family)
Richard Lord - by Marcelle Carpenter
Francis Lucas - by Senator Linda Evans Parlette
Don Mathers - by Don Mathers (from History Notes; information from Calli Eli)
W.S. McPherron - by Phyllis Folsom (information from Stan Morse)
Frank Mowrey - by Bettie Kenck (information from Ruth Gallaher, Lucile Hallock)
Albert Murdock - by Bettie Kenck
Raymond O'Neal - by Marcelle Carpenter (info from Terrie O'Neal, Patty Pennell Risley)
George Pennell - by Marcelle Carpenter (information from Patty Pennell Risley)
George W. Renn - by Jeannine Shaffer (information from Shirley Southwick)
George Richardson - by Marcelle Carpenter
Chester G. Ridout - by Marcelle Carpenter
George Roland - by Bettie Kenck (information from Ted Farley)
Stephen Russell - by Linda Martinson
Charles T. Ryan - by Jeannine Shaffer (information from William Ryan)
Peter St. Luise - by Phyllis Folsom (information from Patricia King)
Uri Southwick - by Jeannine Shaffer (information from Shirley Southwick)
Paul Swanson - by Elsie Swanson St. Luise
Harry Varney - by Phyllis Folsom (information from Doris Mae Wiker
Martin Venneburg - by Phyllis Folsom (information from Martin Venneburg)
John Vernon - by Liz Perry
John Wapato - by Marcelle Carpenter
John Watson - by Bettie Kenck (information from Sarah Lou Wisdom)
Joseph Watson - by Liz Perry
Harold Watson - by Liz Perry
Cyrus Wooton - by Harold Erwin (additional information by Bettie Kenck)
Robert P. Wright - by Bettie Kenck
Thomas Allen Wright - by Thomas A. Wright, excerpts from autobiography by Bettie Kenck

The book of Chelan Pioneer Profiles is available for $20.00 plus tax. If you would like a copy of the profile for a "specific pioneer", we will provide that for $3.00.

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